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Order placing method and payment

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작성일18-01-22 17:29


Ordering via AUTTERMALL is very easy.

1. Order what you need
If the product that you need is not available, then inquire via and our employee will contact you after verification.

2. After confirming the order, we check inventory and send you message related to the delivery (delivery cost selection and terms and conditions for delivery)
Reference) There may be products that are out of stock or that may be short.
 Delivery company designated by the AUTTERMALL is as follows.

3. Final product payment and delivery cost should be paid via PAYPAL or T/T REMITTANCE.

4. We provide you with TRACKING NUMBER after sending you the product after checking payment reception.


For WHOLESALE, please send us a brief company introduction and back-up data <example, website and back-up certifying your business and so forth> to us via FAX or E-MAIL. We will contact you after verification.

Employee in charge: JOHN
Contact number; FAX 82-61-653-0558